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Over two hundred years ago, the greatest empire mankind had ever witnessed fell, a victim of its power-mad rulers, the High Men of Gran Daedole. From the ashes of the old empire, new nations of elves and men have arisen, vying for dominance over all of the lands of Aldemak. From the young democracy of Arkterra to the isolationist ethnic state of Ar-Urarkan, freedom is the word on the lips of many. But in the heated sands of the south, an amoral nation’s ambitions grow, while in the north the people of the fallen empire scheme to restore themselves to glory; and far beneath the notice of allforgotten forces stir, awaiting the time when their prison walls will fall and the world will be theirs once more.


So begins your story …


Welcome to Masters of Creation, a fantasy pen and paper role-playing game set in the imaginary land of Aldemak, a war ravaged continent that many strange and exotic cultures call home. Masters of Creation focuses on providing simple rules for engaging in collaborative storytelling in a fantasy role-play environment. The Masters of Creation system is extremely simple to learn, easy to use and designed to be readily understood by new and old gamers alike.


In Masters of Creation, you are not limited to a particular class or party role. Instead, you develop the character you want to play by using descriptive phrases and specialized skills to create a truly unique play experience each time you create a new character. In addition, Masters of Creation does away with many role-playing conventions, such as experience and weighted attributes, while introducing new mechanical features such as reactive skill and social engagement rules. Moreover, Masters of Creation does not try and force you to play a fighter, mage, or thief type of character; the core rulebook contains rules for making engineers, alchemists, diplomats and any number of hybrid characters – in this game, you play the type of character you want to play.


We hope you enjoy your time playing Masters of Creation. Be sure to check out our forums for more information and the latest news regarding the game. Oh, and if you have any questions, feel free and contact us either on the forums or directly! We’re happy to answer your questions!


Have fun! The adventure awaits!

Beginning the Facelift

As you can probably tell, the website is getting a facelift. The site should be more intuitive to navigate now and certainly a little brighter. The Forums have been integrated into the website proper – if you sign up as a user on this site, you can use the forums, without having to sign up for both the site and the forums. I am working on integrating the Encounter Database directly into the site to allow the same ease of use, and to ease the transitional errors that occur when  the sitelinks reference the off-site wiki. There will also be new art and new features to improve gameplay, as the improvements come in. Development time has been delayed, as indicated in the last update, but I do intend to publish the final product sometime next year. I will then focus on looking at new and additional content that can be produced using the MOCRPG IP, although what I will do with it I cannot say at this time. Certainly I won’t try to produce anything on a timetable less than two-three years out. In the meantime, have fun everyone.

– Jim

An Update!

Hey there:

Last year, I had the idea to make a pen and paper RPG by using the collective talents of myself and two friends to launch a small independent venture. It was the first time I had ever tried to run a commercial  venture of this sort. Certainly I learned a few things along the way. One major issue we have had is working with everyone’s schedules. In the end, it became impossible to meet everyone’s needs, and a few changes had to be made. The result is the following:

  • Desiree will be leaving as lead artist to focus on a career in graphic design. I wish her the best of luck. I will pick up the art duties, and probably begin illustrating late spring/early summer.
  • I will be working to restructure the design of this website. There have been a few connectivity and readability issues that I have been aware of, and I intend to clean those up in time.
  • The book will be published, but rather than focusing on a product line, given the size of the task and limited development team, I expect it to be a stand alone product. I have incorporated some additional text into the finished version.

So, there we have it. Over the course of the following months there should be some changes to the website layout. As illustration is completed, I will post elements of it on this site to showcase the new direction in which the project is headed, artistically.

Until next time,

– Jim

Something in the works …

I know it has been a while since we’ve updated. Sorry about that.  I’ve been busy developing something to help promote the project, and I was hoping to have an update a few weeks ago announcing what I was working on. However, given the ambitious scope of what I am planning, I’ll need a little more time to get the next major update out.

On the bright side, the full pre-production text of the game’s core rulebook remains available for review. If you’re looking to find something to play with a few friends, take a look here:


Downloadable Character Sheets

– Jim

Open Beta Continues

Just a reminder that the full current iteration of the rules is available online, for free. Want to start a game? Just go here.

The finished product will have an expanded table of contents, an index, more art, and internal links to make it more browser friendly. It will also feature all of the promised Kickstarter content. I’ll have more information as the development continues.

– Jim

Open Beta

Hello folks! A quick reminder – in order to get more people play-testing the game before publication, the beta test materials have been opened to the public! You can now review the draft text of the game before publication. Take a look through, have a go at playing it, and let us know what you think! We want as much feedback as possible before we go to print.

You can access all the test materials here.

Good Gaming!

– Jim

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